The TVR Number One was the first car built by TVR, being constructed in 1949.

It was built on TVRs first original chassis. The Hotchkiss-style rear suspension used the live axle from a Morris Eight and the front suspension was of an independent trailing-arm design.

The engine was a Ford 1172cc side-valve from a 1936 van, tuned to 35 hp. Even before the car was bodied, it was crashed by the man hired to create the bodywork, Les Dale.

After repairs, the body was styled and built from aluminum, and was painted British racing green. Although neither Wilkinson nor Pickard found the finished bodywork to be very aesthetically appealing, it was functional, and the two men conducted the first successful test drive on the runway at Squires Gate aerodrome in 1949.

Later that year, TVR Number One was sold to Wilkinson's cousin for £325. It was later crashed and salvaged for parts.

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