The TVR Tina Spyder was first shown at the 1966 car show in Turin. The coupé version was shown in Paris 1967.

The Tina Spyder was a 2 door/seater designed by Fiore. It was based on the Sunbeam Imp Sport chasis, suspension, engine and transmission, no modifications being necessary to the well proven Rootes components. Maximum speed is over 100 mph with petrol consumption 37-42 mpg.

The front-end of the Tina had come under criticism from almost all corners. It would not have gotten past American regulations, had the car ever gone on sale there. And so it went back to Fissore for modification, joining its still uncompleted fixed-head coupé sister.

For various reasons, costs being the main one, production capacity another, the Tina never reached production. Maybe it did not need to go into production, it had served its purpose on the shows. All the same: had the British car producing giants not been so staid and unimaginative, the coupé might have been just as successful as Fiat's 850. If Rootes would have been willing to provide some of the funding in addition to the drivetrain, chances are that Jensen would have put the car into production on a contract basis. Of course Chrysler had entered the picture, having bought Rootes-shares and they weren't favourable. Martin Lilley could only abandon the project that had consumed over £15,000.- and concentrate on his other TVR designs.

  • Wheelbase: 2083mm; 82"
  • Length: 3658mm; 144"
  • Width: 1524mm; 60"
  • Track (both front and rear): 1283mm; 50.5"
  • Weight: 711 kg; 1567 lb
  • Top speed: 161 km/h
  • Power to weight ratio: 71.73 bhp/ton
  • Max. output: 51.0 bhp (38 kW) @6100 rpm
  • Specific output: 58.3 bhp/litre ; 0.96 bhp/cu in
  • 0-50mph (80 km/h): 12.00s
  • Engine: Hillman 875cc
  • Fuel system: 1 So carb.
  • Top gear ratio: 4.85
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