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TVR Vixen

The TVR Vixen is a hand-built sports car which was designed and built by TVR in Blackpool, England from 1967 until 1973. Ford-engined, it succeeded the MGB-engined TVR Grantura 1800S.


Power originally came from the Ford supplied Ford Kent 4 cylinder engine familiar to many Ford Cortina GT and, after 1969, UK Ford Capri owners. Power was 88 hp, although this increased to 92 hp with the use of the Capri engine from the S3 on.

The body was made of glass fibre, which was built around a tubular frame. The interim Series 4 model built in 1972-73 used a combination of round and square-section steel tubing. It had double wishbone suspension at both ends, and disc brakes at the front (with drums at the back).The car was significantly lighter than mainstream competitors such as the MG MGB GT, and offered correspondingly class leading performance and fuel economy.


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