The TVR White Elephant is a one-off prototype built by TVR in 1988.

The car was special in the fact that is was the only TVR ever to be powered by an Australian 5 litre V8 Holden Bathurst race engine, as well as being one of a handful of TVR prototypes to survive today.

The car was commissioned and driven by Peter Wheeler, the Managing Director of TVR, it was eventually decided that this 185mph TVR prototype was still too dated for the 1990's and that Australian engine logistics could also be a problem; so the project was shelved and 12 months later the new TVR Griffith was born.

The Elephant was rescued from the 'TVR Graveyard' at the rear of the Factory just a week before Peter Wheeler sold the company in July of 2004. A truly remarkable one-off hand built British sports car.

In 2013, the complete restoration of this car was completed.

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