Talbot 70-75 (1930-35) Engine 2276 S6 OHV RK

Talbot 75 (1933), Engine 2276 S6 OHV, at the VSCC Curborough Sprint 2009, by Robert Knight -

The Talbot 75 was a car made between 1929 and 1937, around 3000 cars were made during this time.

The engine was a 2276cc unit with an overhead camshaft and pushrods. The engine was connected to a four speed (later synchromesh) gearbox via a single plate clutch (later Borg and Becker clutch).

The engine output was 58-76bhp and the 75 had a top speed of 75mph (121kmh).

The chassis was 10ft long and had semi-elliptical brakes on the front and quarter-elliptical on the rear. The car was originally fitted with Rod operated Perrot brakes on the front wheels but this changed to rod and cable operated brakes later on.

The tourer bodied car cost £525 in 1930.