(NW) Type T was a luxurious vintage car. As the company changed its name the model was renamed to Tatra 20 in 1919. It was successor to very successful model NW type S. It was made at the same time until 1925, when both of the models were replaced.



The engine NW T was a four stroke water cooled. It had a capacity of 3563 cc, which gave an output of 33 kW (45 PS; 44 hp). The first T20s had to be started manually while later T20s had Bosch electric starters. The same engine was also used in NW TL-2 and NW TL-4 trucks.


The car had stiff front and rear axles suspended on leaf springs and rear wheel drive.


The car was gradually modernized - i.e. manual starter was replaced by an electrical one, the speed-stick was moved inside the car, the brakes which were initially only on rear wheels were later also on front wheel, etc. It was sold mostly as luxurious limousine, although also other variants were made - i.e. ambulance car or a race car.

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