The Airport Limousine was a concept car shown at the 1961 Tokyo Motor Show.

Based on the Crown, the Airport Limousine was a 6 door wagon that retained the fins and side panels of the Crown sedan. It had three rows of bench seats, allowed seating for 9 people, plus luggage space in the rear section. The 1900cc 3R engine produced 80 PS (59 kW) at 4600 rpm and 14.5 kg·m (142 N·m; 105 lb·ft) at 2600 rpm. The Airport Limousine was not put into production. The similar production Masterline wagon (also based on the Crown) had only 2 doors, 2 rows of bench seats to allow seating for 6 people (plus luggage) and simpler side panels (without fins). Toyota made another 6 door Airport Limousine based on the Crown in 1977. It also failed to make production.