The Century Gas Turbine Hybrid was a Toyota Century with a GT45 gas turbine and electric motor, shown as a concept vehicle at the 1975 Tokyo Motor Show.

A GT45 gas turbine engine was mounted in a Toyota Century, one of the few Toyotas with an engine bay big enough. The engine was connected to an electrical generator connected to 20 batteries of 12 V each, which then drove two electric motors, one motor for the front left wheel and the second motor for the right front wheel. Using kerosene, 160 km/h (99 mph) could be reached and 120 km/h (75 mph) could be reached using the batteries alone.

The Century was first trialled in this manner in 1971 but not shown to the public until 1975. A similar system was trialled from 1971 on some Toyota buses.

Another version of the engine was shown at the 1977 Tokyo Motor Show (GT24), at the 1979 Tokyo Motor Show (in the Sports 800 Gas Turbine Hybrid) and another at the 1985 Tokyo Motor Show (Gas Turbine II in the Toyota GTV).