The Toyota MP–1 (Multi–Purpose wagon) was a concept vehicle for a multi–purpose vehicle produced by Toyota and first shown at the 1975 Tokyo Motor Show. This van was unusual in being based on the Crown passenger car chassis instead of a commercial vehicle chassis. Tomica made a limited edition scale model of the MP–1.

Externally, the MP–1 resembles a van with a sharply sloped bonnet. The two front doors are normal hinged doors but the rear–most of the side doors slide backwards along rails. The entire rear of the MP–1 is a top hinged tailgate. The passenger side sliding door also incorporated a lifting step to allow wheelchair access.

Internally, the front passenger can turn 360 degrees and the rear bench seat can be tipped 90 degrees to face forwards or backwards. A sunroof and refrigerator were included.

The MP–1 was meant to be FWD but time pressures forced Toyota to re–use the six–cylinder engine and RWD drive train from the Crown.