The Marinetta 10 was a concept trailer made by Toyota and shown during the 1973 Tokyo Motor Show behind a Corona hardtop in a beach setting, complete with beach sand and palm trees.

The 1973 versions was very similar to the 1971 Marinetta. The fibreglass exteriors were unchanged but the bottom half was changed internally to be similar to a pop-up caravan. Once the boat half was removed, beds could be folded out to the left and right sides and a fold-out frame raised complete with a fabric covering. With the total trailer weighing 300 kg, hydraulic brakes were used powered by the trailers own inertia when the tow car decelerates. The exterior was painted white with an orange stripe along the top of the boat and 'Marinetta 10' in white lettering inside the stripe (which would be upside-down and underwater when the boat is in use).