The Trabant P50 is a car produced from 1958 to 1962. It was the first type of the Trabant series from Sachsenring in Zwickau . By August 1958, the models were still wearing the name AWZ P50 "Trabant". Later the car to distinguish it from its successors was also known as "Trabant 500". Type P50 from 1958 to 1962 a total of 128,248 cars were built. The designation P50 means passenger cars with 500 cc displacement.


Working on a first prototype of the P50 began in 1953 in the VEB research and development work of Karl-Marx-Stadt. To make the vehicle easier (and to avoid the steel embargo of Western states), the first time was a plastic, known as thermosets, used for paneling of the car. As the experience with the new material was low, however, the body of this prototype was still largely made ​​of steel. Nevertheless, the car was too small for the Council of Ministers agreed specification, the P50 was to accommodate a family of four.

In 1955 the project was to VEB automobile factory "Audi" Zwickau comment. In EEZ was decided to first build a "intermediate type" in order to gain experience for the mass production of the P50. Between this guy was the AWZ P70, which was built by 1955 to 1958. In 1956, the work began on P50 model 2, this prototype model corresponded well with the later series. The first car was on 23 Presented in October 1956. Meanwhile, a name was found: Trabant ("companion"). An initial batch of 50 cars was produced in model year 1957.

As the capacities were estimated at EEZ as too low to produce the Trabant in large series, became the first EEZMay 1958 with the VEB Sachsenring new VEB Sachsenring Zwickau automotive fuses. On 10 July 1958 was able to begin mass production. In the same year, three other prototypes were presented: A dual-purpose vehicles, a coupe and a sedan full view. Of these types, however, only the combination has been realized.

In model year 1959 experienced the Trabant some changes: The type P50 / 1 now had the so-called "Z" engine with 15 kW (20 hp) and Alfer-cylinders and the new carburetor 28 HB 1-1. The translation has been changed to 4.33. Also in 1959 a pilot run of the Trabant wagon was made, its serial production began in January of the following year.

In May 1962, once again, a new engine was introduced: The type P50 / 2 with modified flywheel and a new crankshaft. This engine was built but only until October 1962. Back in July of the same year a new engine was developed, which had a capacity of 594.5 cc now. The vehicles with this engine were called Trabant 600.