The Venturer was a car made by Trident between 1969 and 1978. A total of 130 Tridents were made.

The Venturer was fitted with a Ford Essex 2994cc V6 engine and a four-speed gearbox.. The Trident was styled by Trevor Fiore and was unveiled at Geneva in 1965 and intended to be a TVR. However at the time TVR was in financial trouble, the project was picked up by Bill Last a TVR dealer who bought the body moulds and set his own production.

The Venturer was the second model in the Trident range, following on from the Clipper. The Venturer was Ford Essex V6 powered on a lengthened Triumph TR6 chassis. Fibreglass work was of very good quality, underpinnings were standard Triumph TR6. Production ceased in 1976.

Around 20 of the original 130 cars are still on the roads today.

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