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The Triumph TR-X, also known as the "Silver Bullet", was the first Triumph car to use the TR designation. It was first shown to the public at the Paris Auto Show in late 1950. Envisioned as a personal luxury car, it had envelope styling with aluminium body panels, spats over the rear wheels, electro-hydraulically operated seats, windows, and top, onboard hydraulic jacks, and electrically-operated hidden headlights. The TR-X used the Standard Vanguard's chassis and engine, the Triumph Renown's suspension, electrically operated overdrive, and a 94 inch wheelbase.

The TR-X was discontinued after only two had been built. Standard-Triumph could not develop and manufacture a car that complicated and still sell it at a profit. Sir John Black, chairman of Standard-Triumph, was determined to have a sports car to compete with Morgan, which he had earlier tried to buy. Black ordered the design of a sports car using existing chassis, suspension, and engine, and inexpensive bodywork. Other desigh objectives were a price of approximately £500 and a top speed of at least 90 mph.

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