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The Tyrrell 007 was a sports car manufactured from 1974 until 1976. The car was built for Formula 1 car racing, it was designed by Derek Gardner and developed by Tyrrell.


It made its debut on Spain Grand Prix, in 1974, by replacing the Tyrrell 006 and it won Sweden and UK Grand Prix, and the South Africa test. It got replaced by Tyrrell P34.


  • Kunimitsu Takahashi (Japan)


The cars were fitted with 2993cc (182.6 cu in) Ford Cosworth DFV V8 engines which were longitudinally mid- mounted. The engine had an aluminium block and head. There were 4 valves per cylinder and a Lucas Fuel Injection system was fitted. The engine was naturally aspirated producing 46 bhp (347 KW) at 10500rpm.

The chassis was of an aluminium monocoque construction and the front suspension consisted of double wishbones, rocker arms and inboard coil springs over dampers. The rear suspension consisted of double wishbones and coil springs over dampers. A five-speed Hewland FG 400 five-speed manual gearbox was fitted with power going to the rear wheels.

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