The Tyrrell 015 was a Formula One car designed for Tyrrell Racing by Maurice Philippe for use in the 1986 Formula One season. The cars were powered by Renault turbo engines, ran on Goodyear tyres and were driven by Martin Brundle and Philippe Streiff.

The 015 was a development of the team's first ever turbo car, the Tyrrell 014 which also ran the Renault turbo. The car proved to be somewhat reliable, if not the fastest in the field for 1986. The cars best result wasn't achieved until the final race of the season in Australia when Brundle finished in 4th place despite running out of fuel as he crossed the line. He had actually inherited 4th from his team mate when Streiff ran out of fuel on the previous lap. Streiff was still classified in 5th place.

The 015 made headlines for the wrong reasons at the French Grand Prix when Streiff's car caught fire in front of the pits on lap 43. Despite the car being on fire directly beyond the pit wall the marshals fire truck took nearly a minute to get to it which gave enough time for the car to be burnt beyond repair.

This was the last turbo powered car run by Tyrrell in Formula One. The team reverted to using the Cosworth DFZ engine in their 1987 car, the DG016.

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