The Tyrrell DG016 was a Formula One racing car designed by Maurice Philippe and Brian Lisles. It was built and raced by Tyrrell Racing in the 1987 Formula One season, using a customer Cosworth DFZ engine. The "DG" in the car's name was a reference to the team's major sponsor, Data General.

The DG016 made its debut at the opening race of the 1987 Formula One season and would be part of two different championships. For 1987 only there would be the Colin Chapman Trophy (for constructors of cars equipped with naturally aspirated engines). In this championship the Tyrrell DG016 was a major success finishing 1st by over 100 points from the Larrousse-Calmels Team. Drivers Jonathan Palmer and Philippe Streiff would have finished on the naturally aspirated podium at all 16 rounds of the season. The car was also successful in the full Constructors' Championship with 6th place placing them above such turbo powered teams as Arrows and Brabham.

The DG016 was replaced for the 1988 Formula One season by the equally unsuccessful Tyrrell 017.

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