UAZ-452 / UAZ-3741 (popularly called the "loaf", "Pill","Tadpole") - the car, produced at the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant. Serial production of UAZ-452 started in 1966. Engine - engine option GAZ-21.

UAZ-452 - a special passenger, all-wheel drive, two-axle road vehicle, with wheel 4 × 4. Machine is available Ulyanovsk car since 1965. Because of the resemblance with a loaf of bread, the people began to be called "loaf", "pill", military versions - "tablet", as they were used by physicians. It is launched in Touring Car (car) and in on-board version (tadpole). Body of the car can be equipped with side single door and double door at the back (door configuration depends on the version). In March 2011, this car have modernized on specific models: 39625, 3962 and 2206. Were added ABS, power steering, seat belts according to Euro-4 engine is also on the Euro-4 standard. On April 1, they came onto the market. 39,625 began to cost between 430 000, 3962 000 from 460, 2206 in various models one from 465 000, and the second from 455 000.