The Vale 1 ½ Litre was a car produced between 1935 and 1936.

The original 832cc engine used in the Vale Special was too slow for serious sporting event so from 1933 a 1098 cc, overhead-inlet, side-exhaust, four-cylinder, Coventry Climax engine was offered. These engines produced 47hp.

After this cars had a 1496cc four-cylinder engine from Meadows which produced 72 hp. followed in 1934 by the 1476 cc six-cylinder version of the same engine.

This single seater was powered by an I.O.E. 4 cylinder 1496cc engine, specially built for the Vale Company by Coventry Climax, which produced some 100 bhp at 5700 rpm with the aid of belt driven Centric supercharger blowing at a pressure of seven and a half pounds. Transmission was via an E.N.V. crash gearbox and spiral level back axle. This vehicle was raced extensively competing at Brooklands, Donington, the Brighton Speed Trials and various speed hill-climb events.

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