The A-Type Vauxhall was a car manufactured by Vauxhall Motors from 1908 to 1915 with one more built in 1920. This was to be the first production Vauxhall designed by Laurence Pomeroy: it became a highly acclaimed 3 litre of its day and at Brooklands on 26 October 1910, it became the first 20 hp car to exceed 100 mph (160 km/h) of any make in the world.

Laurence Pomeroy had joined Vauxhall in 1907 as an assistant draughtsman at the age of twenty-two. He first made his mark at the 1908 RAC and Scottish Reliability Trial, held in June of that year. His first design, the Y-Type Y1, had outstanding success at the 1908 RAC and Scottish 2000 Mile Reliability Trials. Showing excellent hill climbing ability with an aggregate of 37 seconds less time in the hill climbs than any other car in its class and unparalleled speeds around the Brooklands circuit, the Vauxhall was so far ahead of all cars whatever class that the driver could relax, accomplishing the 200 miles (320 km) at an average speed of 46 mph (74 km/h), when the car was capable of 55 mph (89 km/h). The Y-Type went on to win class E of the Trial.

Such a success that the Y-Type was, that it was decided to put the car into production as the A09 car. This spawned the A-Type Vauxhall.

There were 4 distinct types produced between 27 October 1908 up to when mass production halted in 1914. One last A-Type was put together in 1920.

The Four Distinct versions - A09, A11, A12 and the 16/20 hp

The A09 and A11 were basically developments of the X Type with the Y Type Motor and converted to a four speed gearbox though some of the earliest A-Types had three Speed gearboxes from the X-Type. At least 70 of the first A-Types also retained the sheet copper sump from the X Type Engine. For the A12 there was a major revision of the chassis and for the 16/20 hp A-Type both Engine and chassis underwent major redesign.

The A Type featured a 3-litre forced lubrication side-valve monobloc engine. The camshaft and magneto were driven by gear on the A09, A11, A12 and then for the 16/20 hp A-Type it was changed to a chain drive.

Capable of up to 100 mph (160 km/h) the A-Type Vauxhall was one of the most acclaimed 3-litre cars of its day, achieving many records for out-right speed and high speed endurance, within the 21 hp limit, as well as having had some parental involvement in the conception of both the Prince Henry and the 30-98 hp Vauxhalls.

Less than two dozen survive today out of the 950 produced.