1922 Vauxhall TT at Brooklands

The Vauxhall TT was a racecar built in 1922.

It was originally conceived as a Grand Prix contender, conventionally designed but featuring technologically advanced engineering. However, by the time of testing the Grand Prix regulations had changed from 3 litre engines vehicles to 2 litre engines ones. This made the untried car obsolete.

Vauxhall were able to enter the cars in the Isle of Man TT race using former riding mechanics as drivers. Of the three cars entered, one finished 3rd and the other 5th with one of the cars setting the fastest lap, suggesting greater success with more experienced drivers.

After the success of the TT races, the GP names were dropped and instead the TT name was added. The cars then entered into other races during 1922, winning the Brooklands 3 litre championship. Vauxhall retired from racing at the end of 1922.

The cars had further success in private ownership including setting Shelsey Walsh were Raymond Mays set the fastest time on four occasions between 1928 and 1933.

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