The Voisin C1 was an automobile introduced in June 1919 by Gabriel Voisin. Approximately 100 cars were made.

This typically square-cut perpendicular closed model bears little resemblance to the aerodynamic Voisins to come in the future.

The C1 was destined for a demanding and wealthy clientele, as the lavishly appointed interior demonstrates. Even the chauffeur's compartment is comfortable, if a little austere. Forward visibility is excellent, though the same certainly cannot be said for the rear.

The C1 was powered by a sleeve-valve 4-litre four cylinder engine rated at 18hp, developing some 78bhp in 1920. Much to Gabriel Voisin's disapproval, the 3460 mm chassis was often fitted a wide range of heavy formal bodies by the great coachbuilders of the period.