The Voisin C11 was a 14CV automobile that appeared in 1926.

It was a long-awaited 'first' for the marque, powered as it was by Voisin's first production 6-cylinder engine.

Marius Bernard based the 6-cylinder on the 4 cylinder he designed for the C7, and the C11 chassis began its career with a standard C7 body, together with a lightweight convertible body informally called the Sulky.

The latter was finally chosen for initial series production, evolving the following year with a new hood design allowing larger rear side windows. This was a style which proved popular with many celebrities of the time, including the Queen of Yugoslavia.

Minor modifications were announced in 1928.

A range of body styles were available and each with their own name. The bare chassis was called the Chasidim, a two-door four-seater saloon was called the Chasserons, a two-door four-seater 'Sulky' cabriolet was called the Chassidear, a four-door four-seater saloon was called the Chasseriez and a seven saloon was called the Chasselas.

In total, some 2,200 C11s were made before being replaced by the 13CV C14.