The Voisin C15 was an automobile which was produced between 1929 and 1930.

The C15 had a very smooth and relatively silent engine which was one of the main attraction of sleeve vales for Voisin.

During its brief production life, the C15 was also sold as an elegant close-coupled coupé.

Gabriel Voisin's C15

Gabriel Voisin's owned a C15 and this car was restored in 1996. It was given a dazzling black and yellow livery and retrimmed in the characteristic Art Déco fabric.

His car has led an interesting life, having been used in chassis form as a mobile test bed for another of Voisin's enthusiasms: one of several steam engines he designed during his career.

His car has other unique features including a 3-litre engine, small removable bonnet panels to provide additional cooling for the six-cylinder unit, and the back axle and brakes of a 33CV.