The Voisin C20 was a large passenger car produced between 1931 and 1934.

1930 saw the fabulous C20 being unveiled at the years Paris Motor Show.

It was fitted with a sleeve valve V12 that was fiscally rated at 28CV.

The car stood at only 1.50 metres high thanks to its underslung chassis. The cars had a more spacious interior accommodation than would at first seem from the outside. Passengers sat in deep wells on either side of the transmission tunnel, contributing to a low centre of gravity and centralised weight distribution.

Initially available as a bare chassis, it was available from 1931 in three body styles. The saloon, demi-berline and four-seater cabriolet. During 1931, the wheelbase was lengthened to 3.71m.

No significant changes were made for 1932 or 1933, during which few cars are thought to have been produced.

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