The Voisin C24 was a large passenger car built between 1933 and 1936.

The C24 was announced at the 1932 Motor Show. It shareed the same essential mechanical specification as the C23 but on an underslung chassis code-named Surmeltem.

The cockpit was the typical Voisin style of the time, including the art déco fabric and amply stocked dashboard. The 3-litre six cylinder engine of the C23 was slightly tuned to deliver and extra 10 bhp. Like the C23, the shock absorbers were adjustable from the driver's seat. Faithful to Voisin's principles, the car boasted the characteristic side luggage boxes designed to centralise weight distribution.

The C24 was offered in 1933 as a saloon, a two-door, and a four-seater phaeton available to special order.

Two updated body styles were added at the 1933 Motor Show. They introduced curves as a concession to then current vogue for more streamlined forms.

The model remained unchanged in 1934.