The Voisin C27 was a model sports car made in 1934, with only two of the cars ever produced. The car had the shortedned wheelbase of a Voisin C25, and a more powerful engine.


The first C27, was produced for the Shah of Persia in 1934. Joseph Figoni, was commissioned by the Shah, to "Dress" or rather modify a C25 chassis. The Persian C27 was then taken to France for restoration. It was then put in a CIA Museum in Pantin.


The other C27 was a strikingly distinctive factory-bodied coupé with a sliding roof, retracting into the space behind the cockpit.

It was called the Aérosport (a name famously reused later for the pontoon-bodied C28), The car was first owned by the man principally responsible for designing it, André Noel.