The Voisin Commercial was a prototype six-wheeled vehicle built by Gabriel Voisin in 1957.

With very modern lines for the time, this astonishing vehicle was designed by Gabriel Voisin on his return from Spain, where he had been advising on the production and launch of the Biscuter.

It was one of several late projects that Gabriel Voisin developed while while based at his company Aéromécanique at rue des Patures in Paris. The vehicle was displayed with a moped on the pick-up bed on the Gnome & Rhone stand at the 1957 Paris Motor Show.

The vehicle was front wheel drive with independent torsion bar suspension on all six wheels and a 600kg payload. It was powered by a 200cc engine fitted with an oil-cooled cylinder head of his own design to supplement conventional air cooling.

Although it was advertised, it never went into production.