The Voisin Postman was a single-seater prototype car built in 1956.

Among the many different variations on the Biscooter theme, Gabriel Voisin designed a single-seater version for use by the French postal service as an alternative to the rural postman's bicycle.

According to Voisin himself, it was in June 1956 that his local postman in the Ain region, having seen a Biscooter prototype driving around, said to him that such a vehicle would be ideal for his daily round. Realising the size of this potential market, Gabriel Voisin set to work designing a suitable vehicle for use by the postal service.

The Postman looked rather like a Biscooter cut in half lengthways. The car was powered by a 125cc two-stroke single cylinder engine fitted with a Voisin oil-cooled cylinder head.

There was just enough room behind the driver to accommodate a post bag and a box to hold collected mail.

Once the prototype was completed, it was submitted to the postal authorities for evaluation. Unfortunately, they didn't like his design and a deal was never struck.

The sole example of which resides today in a private collection.