Volkswagen Karmann Cheetah

Volkswagen Karmann Cheetah -

The Volkswagen Karmann Cheetah was a car designed by ItalDesign and built by Karmann, with the car being presented in March 1971 at the Geneva Autoshow.

The Cheetah is based on a Volkswagen Beetle 1600 mechanics. The idea was to build a prototype economic roadster that could be mass produced. The engine is a 1.6 litre unit with power output of 50bhp.

The front of the car is characterised by the soft-nose and overhang lights, while the roll-bar has been substituted by two strong pillars that simplifies hard top mechanisms.

Karmann had virtually no say in the Cheetah project, the sleek, angular lines were entirely the product of Giugiaro's imagination. Karmann did, however, have a part when it came time to design the roof. A soft top, which sported a translucent sunroof panel over the cockpit, slid down the length of the car's sidebows and could be neatly tucked between the seats.

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