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Volkswagen Type 147

The Volkwagen Type 147 was a van produced between 1964 and 1974 with 6139 being produced.


The German Postal Services commissioned in 1961/1963 Volkswagen to design them a postal van that would suit their needs.

VW started off with the Karmann produced (Type 151) Beetle Cabriolet as basis for the van due to its strength but later turned to the Karmann Ghia (Type 14) for basis as it was wider.

It was agreed Franz Knobel & Sohn GmbH (later called Westfalia Werke) would build the vehicles for VW & the Deutsche Post, Swiss Post Offices & Lufthansa.

Its official name was Volkswagen Type 147 Kleinlieferwagen (small van) but due to its funny and badly proportioned shape it was affectionately called "Fridolin".

The vans had a flat-four 1192 cc engine which produced 34hp (25 kW).