Volvo Elizabeth I

Volvo Elisabeth I -

The Volvo Elisabeth I was a concept car designed by Giovanni Michelotti and built by Vignale in 1953 on the chassis of a Volvo P445.

The lines are recognizable in the later Amazon, but it has a small triangular, Alfa Romeo-like grille. The man behind the project was the Swedish businessman Goesta Wennberg, who made contact with Michelotti in Paris 1952. Michelotti was supposed to design the bodywork of a car to be built by Ghia-Aigle, but the drawings came to Vignale, Torino, instead. The work itself took place mainly at Allemano in the same city. Because of the construction of the chassis there was no space for a back seat. This was probably one of the main reasons for Volvos lack of interest in serialproduction of Elisabeth I, which was Wennbergs original intention with this project. The one-off car was crashed in the early sixties.