Volvo Tundra

Volvo Tundra -

The Volvo Tundra was a concept car built and designed by Bertone in 1979. It was based on the Volvo 343. It was rejected by Volvo and a very similar design was instead sold to Citroën where it was produced as the Citroën BX.

This propensity for forming partnerships with foreign manufacturers represented a natural expansion of market frontiers and of Bertone’s success with overseas companies.

In his design work for the Swedish manufacturer, Bertone created a compact car, which would respond to the design criteria for a medium-sized saloon. The wings feature long swage lines, and the generous windows reiterate Bertone’s passion for light. The Tundra shows unmistakable elements of Bertone style: light greenhousing supported by slender pillars, a short, smooth bonnet and wide doors.