The Volvo Viking was a truck produced by Swedish automaker Volvo between 1953 and 1973.

Volvo Viking

Volvo introduced the L385 Viking in 1953. The truck had a payload capacity of up to 8 tonnes for the heaviest trailing axle versions. The Viking truck was very similar to the larger Titan model. For the first model years the Viking used the VDC motor from its predecessor L245, but it was soon replaced by the updated D67 engine.

1959 saw the introduction of the refined L485 Viking, including a stronger chassis. From 1961, the truck was available with a turbodiesel. In 1964 Volvo introduced the forward control L4851 Viking Tiptop with a tilting cab.

Volvo N86

When Volvo introduced its "System 8" in 1965 the truck's name was changed to N86. Beneath the Viking cab Volvo conducted extensive changes including a new engine, a fully synchronized eight-speed gear box and a general updating of most components.