The Wanderer W11 10/50 hp is a car of the upper middle class produced by Wanderer-Werke. The car was brought out in 1928 as the first six-cylinder model.

The vehicle had a 6-cylinder overhead valve front mounted in-line engine with a dsiplacement of 2.54 litres of displacement which developed 50 hp. The engine was mated to a 3-speed transmission sending power to the rear wheels. The bodies available were an open touring car, limousine, Pullman limousine, convertible and roadster.

In 1930, the car had been revised. It received a four-speed gearbox, a longer wheelbase and new bodies, for example by Daimler-Benz, Reutter (Stuttgart) or Gläser (Dresden). In this form, the cars were built further until 1933.

In 1933, the series was replaced by the Wanderer W22 after 5,200 cars had been made.

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