The Wanderer W25K is a sports car introduced by Wanderer-Werke in 1936 as a competitor to the BMW 328.

The vehicle had the of Ferdinand Porsche designed 6-cylinder OHV in-line engine from the W40. The engine had a displacement of 1.95 litres and was front mounted. It was fiited with a Roots supercharger and developed 85 hp at 5000 rpm. A 4-speed transmission was mated to the engine, sending it's power to the rear wheels. The car had a floating rear axle with transverse leaf spring and was available as an elegant 2-seater sports cabriolet or roadster.

The supercharged engine was not very reliable and only performed at high speed. This meant that many cars were later converted to hold an Opel 6-cylinder naturally aspirated engine.

Until 1938, 258 cars had been sold.

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