The Wolseley 24/30 was a car of the upper middle class which Wolseley brought out in 1911 as their first six-cylinder model.

They had a 6-cylinder engine with a 4961 cc capacity and water cooling. The car was delivered on a chassis with a length of 3,175 mm or 3,480 mm. The various bodies were between 4,648 mm and 4,800 mm long and 1,778 mm wide.

In 1915, the production was set aside due to the war and in 1919 resumed (with a lengthened wheelbase of 3,556 mm).

In addition to the 5.0-litre R6 engine there was also a drive with extended stroke, which resulted in a displacement of 5,344 cc. The bodies were 4851 mm long and 1803 mm wide.