The Wolseley Twenty-Five was a luxury car released in parallel with the model Twenty-One as a successor to the larger 21/60. In 1938 the car was offered on a shorter chassis and in 194 a Pullman limousine was offered. The car was in production until 1948.


The Twenty-Five or 25 hp was a car with a big six-cylinder engine that replaced the Wolseley 21/60. It was the top model from the manufacturer.

The cars had a 3485 cc six-cylinder in-line engine, twin SU carburettors and overhead valves (instead of the overhead camshaft). The car was delivered on an 3086 mm wheelbase. The sedan had a top speed of 127 km/h.


In 1938 the car appeared with an unaltered engine but with a slightly smaller body. The engine power was increased to 108 bhp (79 kW) at 3600rpm. There were two versions with different wheelbases, 2654 mm and 2972 mm. The top speed of the sedan was 144 km/h.

In 1940, this model was discontinued without a replacement.


The engine power was 105 bhp (77 kW) at 3600rpm, making it slightly lower than it's predecessor. Like the sedan, the Pullman reached 144 km/h.

This luxury car was offered until 1948.