The ZIL-115 is an armor-plated, Russian-built limousine, produced in the early 1970s by ZiL. It was primarily used by mainly Russian dignitaries on foreign visits and army officers. It was a strongly armored vehicle which would need a .303-caliber round to penetrate any metalwork or windows. The floor was also bomb and booby-trap proof (in places over 1 inch thick). Their primary color was black it was mainly for the Russian market but a few heads of state from some Arab and African countries also used them for official transport. The interior of the car was quite well made and very well suited to heads of state. It is still used today by the Russian head of state on official visits.

Engine Information

Motor: gasoline 2 carburetors, OHV V8 displacement 7,695 cc (bore 4 26/30", stroke 4 13/20"), compression ratio 9 3/10:1. Max. power 315 hp 4,600 rpm. Torque 449 ft.-lb. @ 4,000 rpm. Automatic 3-speed gearbox, max. speed 119 Mph, acceleration 0 to 62 mph - 13 s. Brakes: disks, with hydraulic control. Measures: LxWxH=20'9 6/10"x6'10"x4'11", wheelbase 12'9 8/10". Track front/rear: 5'4 3/4"/5'5 1/2". Curb weight: 4 Tons. Tires 245/72R15H. Fuel tank: 31 3/4 gal. Fuel economy: 10 3/4 Mpg (average). Production: 15-20 copies a year.


  • Soviet Union
  • Russian Federation
  • Jordan and various other countries
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