The ZIL-41047 is a limousine built by ZIL of Russia. Production of ZIL models ceased in 2002 due to their previous customer base turning to more modern Western vehicles.


It has seven seats, including the driver. When loaded it weighs 3,550 kg (7,826 lb). The top speed with two persons is listed as "not less than 190 km/h (118 mph)". It is powered by a 7.7 L (469 cubic inch) carbureted V8 of ZIL's own design giving 232 kW (315 hp) at 4,600 revs per minute.

It replaced the ZIL-4104 in 1985 and had virtually no mechanical changes compared with that model. The only major changes have been in the styling, which in some respects, notably in the rear-view mirrors, was subtly modernised compared to the styling of previous ZIL models. The front turn indicators were also modernised, with the rectangular horizontal line giving way to a more vertically oriented, door-like shape. The front headlights were also restyled, as was the rear parcel shelf. The car is so wide that the centre console can stand parallel to the gear selector.

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