The ZIS-150 was a Soviet truck. In 1947 it replaced the ZIS-5 on assembly line. ZIS-150 together with GAZ-51 was the main Soviet truck of 1950s, judging by their quantity. The cabin of ZIS-150 was similar with the cabin of International Harvester KR11 truck. A tractor-trailer version of the ZIS-150, the ZIS-120N, was sold from 1956-1957. In 1957, the base ZIS-150 model was replaced by ZIL-164, which differed outwardly only by vertical grille bars and bumper. ZIS-150 was also manufactured in Braşov, Romania between 1954-1960 as the "Steagul Rosu" (Red Flag) SR-101 and in China as the Jie Fang CA-10 at First Automobile Works. At least one prototype was built in North Korea under the name "Chollima".

An overall 774615 units were produced.

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