Zender Vision 1S

Zender Vision 1S -

The Zender Vision 1S was a concept car built in 1984.

The Vision 1S was a development of the Zender Vision 1 from 1983. The vehicle also used the Audi Quattro engine but it was fitted with a different camshaft and larger intake and exhaust ports. This made the engine produced 40 bhp more than the standard engine.

The engine was a 2144cc 5-cylinder unit which produced 240bhp at 5500rpm. The top speed was 240km/h.

The chassis also came from Quattro. The Vision 1S was a one-off and small batch of production cars was thought about. The length of the car was 4520mm, the width of the car was 1770mm and it was 1150mm high.

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